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Jim Longden

Writer / Director / Editor / Composer

Jim Longden is a 23 year old filmmaker. After leaving school at 16, Jim started taking photographs and has now shot for the likes of Vogue & Love Magazine. He is currently finishing his debut photo book and book of short stories. Jim made his directorial debut when he was 20 years old, the 20 minute short film titled, ‘To Erase A Cloud’. Jim then followed up with his second short film which premiered at the 45th edition of the Academy Award-Qualifying Norwegian Film Festival. Jim has now completed his third short film, ‘Puddle of Muddles’ and is now planning his debut feature film as well as some music videos and commercials during the preparation period. 

Jim Longden.jpg

Premier & Live Q&A

Announcement coming soon...

Cast & Crew


Isaac Benigson

as Johnny Little

as Natalie

as Patrice


Lucy Benson-Brown


Harry Wheeler

Sofia Saccomani

James Whyard

Dominic Davey

Bobby Goulding


Production Designer

Location Sound

1st AD



Matt Turner


Sam Hodgkins

Sound Design

Special Thanks to

Sasha Nixon

Henry Burch

Samantha King

Nicholas Burch


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